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On screen keyboard beKEY, current version: (Version history)
30-day trial version, requires Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7® or Windows 8®
beKEY Trial version, including all available dictionaries (~31 MB)
beKEY Trial version, including only English and German dictionaries (~3.6 MB)
Upgrading from older beKEY versions 1.3.3 or to the current version does not seem to work on some systems.
If you're having this problem and would like to help us fixing the issue, please download and execute this file,
follow the instructions and send the generated zip archive to us via email. Thank you.

All dictionaries were created by automated analysis of many websites and other sources. Because of this it's possible that the dictionaries may contain words that are wrong, offensive or unappropriate in any way. If you detect any words like this, we'd appreciate an email notice to: Thanks in advance.
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